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Thank you for riding with us

We have compiled a list below of useful links for you after the ride.
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Feedback Survey

Please click here to complete our rider feedback survey. Thank you for taking the time to help us make the ride even better in 2025 and beyond. 

Thanking your Supporters

We have drafted a thank you email here that you can use to thank the people who have donated to you and supported you on the ride.

Please ensure you thank your sponsors and donors, there is also a handy feature in your Funraisin profile which allows you send this email directly to all of your donors with the click of a button. Simple head to the link below and select the 'thank you email'. 

Media Coverage

Click here to view our media coverage of the ride. We achieved 17 pieces of coverage with a reach of >450,000 and a media value of a staggering $1.4m!

Poetry by Patrick Telfer


On this path, we ride with pride,
For Boys to the Bush, we set aside
Our time and effort, heart and soul,
With FDC as our sponsor, we reach our goal.

Will Phillips got me here, on track,
With every mile, there’s no looking back.
P1, you’re the best, you lead the way,
P2, you’re second, but strong you stay.

After P3, I search for more,
P4 and P5, what else in store?
Hayden, Pricey has the hands of God so true,
With every turn, they guide us through.

Bec and Team, you run the ride,
With dedication, side by side.
Con Hart, our guide, our spiritual light,
Together we ride, from dawn till night.

For the boys who need a helping hand,
We pedal forward, across this land.
In unity, we find our might,
For charity, we ride tonight.


For P3

In the quiet morning's early light,
We gather for the cause so bright.
Pedals turn and spirits soar,
Ride to give, to love, and more.

Ahead of time, our spirits high,
With Chloe's golden gleam in the sky.
Her Commonwealth Games, a tale so grand,
Hand of God guiding, victory at hand.

Andy rides with no hands, so free
A daring feat for all to see.
Blake stirs from his car, a playful jest,
In this wonderful town of Gunning, we're truly blessed.

Off to lunch, with hearts so light,
We've cycled strong, with all our might.
For charity and community, hand in hand,
We ride together, a united band.

Poetry read by George Elliot

One of the highlights of the ride was our Bush Poet George in Binalong. We have included one of his poems below and you can relive George in action on the links below: 

George recites Green and Gold Malaria

George Recites Solace

Green and Gold Malaria,
by Rupert McCall

The day would soon arrive when I could not ignore the rash. I was obviously ill and so I called on Doctor Nash. This standard consultation would adjudicate my fate. I walked into his surgery and gave it to him straight:

‘Doc, I wonder if you might explain this allergy of mine, I get these pins and needles running up and down my spine. From there, across my body, I will suddenly extend – My neck will feel a shiver and the hairs will stand on end.

And then there is the symptom that only a man can fear – A choking in the throat, and the crying of a tear.’ Well, the Doctor scratched his melon with a rather worried look. His furrowed brow suggested that the news to come was crook.

‘What is it Doc?’ I motioned. ‘Have I got a rare disease? I’m man enough to cop it sweet, so give it to me, please.’ ‘I’m not too sure,’ he answered, in a puzzled kind of way. ‘You’ve got some kind of fever, but it’s hard for me to say.

When is it that you feel this most peculiar condition?’ I thought for just a moment, then I gave him my position: ‘I get it when I’m standing in an Anzac Day parade, And I get it when the anthem of our native land is played,

And I get it when Meninga makes a Kiwi-crunching run, And when Border grits his teeth to score a really gutsy ton. I got it back in ’91 when Farr-Jones held the Cup, And I got it when Japan was stormed by Better Loosen Up.

I get it when the Banjo takes me down the Snowy River, And Matilda sends me waltzing with a billy-boiling shiver. It hit me hard when Sydney was awarded the Games, And I get it when I see our farmers fighting for their names.

It flattened me when Bertrand raised the boxing kangaroo, And when Perkins smashed the record, well, the rashes were true blue. So tell me, Doc,’ I questioned, ‘am I really gonna die?’ He broke into a smile before he looked me in the eye.

As he fumbled with his stethoscope and pushed it out of reach, He wiped away a tear and then he gave me this stirring speech: ‘From the beaches here in Queensland to the sweeping shores of Broome, On the Harbour banks of Sydney where the waratah’s in bloom.

From Uluru at sunset to the Mighty Tasman Sea, In the Adelaide cathedrals, at the roaring MCG. From the Great Australian Bight up to the Gulf of Carpentaria, The medical profession call it ‘green and gold malaria’.

But forget about the text books, son, the truth I shouldn’t hide.
The rash that you’ve contracted here is ‘good old Aussie pride’.
I’m afraid that you were born with it and one thing is for sure
You’ll die with it young man, because there isn’t any cure.’

Lost Items

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Watch the video of Beau Cosgrove

We are proud to have collectively raised $9,550 to cover Beau's trailer, and an additional $3,500 towards his new wheelchair. Click here to watch Beau's feature on The Project. 

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In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respects to their Elders - past, present and emerging - and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This year we ride across the land of the Wiradjuri, Ngunnawal, Tarlo, Burra Burra, Wollondilly, Pajong, Parramarragoo and Cookmal peoples. We acknowledge and respect these living cultures and their peoples, as the traditional custodians of the land on which we ride and pay tribute to the unique role that they have played and continue to play in the region.